6 Şubat 2009 Cuma

fill in the blanks.

Filling the blanks seems so easy from time to time. When you’re at school your teacher makes a quiz and gives random words to put in the right place between the sentences. You just fill in the blanks. You fail or you succeed. Success is easy if you study. It is just one step ahead.

But in life, it’s not that simple. There’s no book you can read to learn how to fill the gaps. But the inevitable end is the same.
You either fail or succeed..

Someone to love, a school to go, a job to earn some money, friends to hang out with, a family to lean on, a house to live in, alcohol or drugs to have fun or to kill time, some make-up to feel better, eating veggies and drinking milk to feel healthier, sometimes a melodramatic movie “ an excuse to cry” when you’re sad, maybe a just a nice, sunny day to hang out with your beloved friends to smile, nite clubbin’..

That's about it right? I have all of these. I really do!

See, i’ve filled most of the blanks in my life. Mission accomplished and nicely done! What else could someone want for life? A Convertible? More money? More lovers? All are possible. Believe me! Not that hard to reach.

Lets take a close look to these blanks of mine.. As i’ve filled most of them, i should have been satisfied and happy, right?

But i’m not.

I can not figure out why this giant black hole standing beside me even exists!!

Hellooo ?!! I’ve filled a lot! So what the fuck is this ?! Oh,and you see it's still in progress. Getting bigger. Damn! How am i supposed to fill this one? I must have made a mistake while doing the match up.
Let’s try again.

A lover to hang out with, a family to love, friends to drive, alcohol and drugs to lean on, some make-up to kill time, veggies and milk to cry?
It seems i will fail on this one.

Fuck it! Who cares anyway?!
Sometimes, even i dont..

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